How much nicotine?

Cigarettes and other nicotine products vary widely in how much nicotine they contain. Below is a rough guide to the total amount found in some common products. It’s also important to note that the amount of nicotine in a product can be different from how much a person absorbs from normal use. A person will typically absorb 1-2 milligrams from smoking a cigarette, while nicotine replacement products (gum, patches, nasal sprays, etc.) are usually designed to deliver 1-4 mg per hour.

Cigarette: Up to 30 mg, but usually much less than that

Nasal spray/inhaler cartridge/oral liquid: Up to 10 mg per bottle

Patch: Up to 21 mg per patch

Electronic cigarette: Up to 24 mg per e-cigaratte or e-cigarette refill cartridge

E-cigarette liquid: Up to 240 mg per bottle

An electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette con contain up to 24 mg of nicotine.

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