Take these safety steps before you turn on your furnace

Photo by Jason Coleman, Creative Commons

When was the last time you had your furnace checked?

It’s getting to be that time when folks in northern New England are turning on their heating systems. Remember that furnaces and other equipment that burn fuel can put carbon monoxide into your home if they aren’t working properly.

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that in severe cases can kill you. You can’t see carbon monoxide, and it has no smell, so the only way to know if it’s in your home is with a working carbon monoxide alarm.

Before you turn on your furnace, consider having it checked by a heating service technician.

Test the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarm, and if you don’t have one, visit your local hardware store to pick one up. Place a carbon monoxide alarm near each sleeping area in your home, and have at least one on each floor.

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