Eye injuries: PPE is important at home, too

When was the last time you wore personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves or safety glasses? Do you have to wear it for work? Or maybe you’d have to go back to high school chemistry class?Safety Glasses

But school and work aren’t the only places you need PPE. In fact, if you’re not wearing safety glasses at home, you might be putting your eyes at risk.

Anytime you’re using chemicals like cleaning products, pesticides and car products, there’s a chance you could get some in your eyes. It doesn’t matter if your at home, school or work. In fact, three out of four eye poisonings that are called into the poison center happen at home.

Cleaning products are the most common substances involved in eye injuries managed by the poison center. Check out the video below to see how easily it could happen to you and how you should handle an eye exposure (starts at 5:56).

Remember, always read the label of any product you are using for safety instructions, and wear safety goggles when it is recommended.

If you do get a chemical in your eye, call the poison center right away at 1-800-222-1222. In most cases, we can help you treat the eye exposure right where you are, without having to go to a hospital.

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