Pen Ink

What is it?
First Aid

Pen lying on a notepadWhat is pen ink?

Pen ink is made up of a dye or pigment for color, along with water and a solvent, such as oil.

Pen ink is not harmful if you swallow it. It may be irritating if you get it in your eyes.

What happens if someone swallows pen ink?

The person will be fine. Swallowing some pen ink may taste bad or cause some stomach upset. It may also leave some coloring in the mouth or affect the color of the stool.

What happens if you get pen ink in your eyes?

Pen ink is most irritating to the eyes, because eyes are very sensitive. The ink can cause a burning feeling and itching and may temporarily stain the eye and surrounding skin.

What should I do if someone has swallowed pen ink?

Give them a drink of water and wipe out their mouth with a damp cloth if you can see ink inside. Call the poison center 1-800-222-1222, chat online or text POISON to 85511 if the person is complaining of stomach ache or if you have questions.

What should I do if someone has gotten pen ink in their eyes?

Rinse the person’s eyes right away using warm water for 15 minutes. Call the poison center at 1-800-222-1222, chat online or text POISON to 85511. The poison center can give you rinsing instructions and let you know what else to look for.

Last Updated: Tuesday October 4th 2016