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DandelionsWhat are dandelions?

The dandelion is a plant in the daisy family with a bright yellow flower that grows widely throughout North America. Dandelions are often found in lawns and are largely considered a weed.

Some people eat dandelion greens in soups or salads, or make the flowers into wine. Dandelion root is sometimes used as a dietary supplement.

Dandelions are safe to eat in moderation. Eating dandelions regularly or taking supplements that contain dandelion may cause health problems for people with diabetes or people who take certain medications, such as blood thinners, lithium or diuretics.

Some people have allergic reactions to dandelions.

What happens if someone eats a dandelion?

They will be fine. Swallowing part of a dandelion or eating a few dandelions as part of meal will likely not cause any symptoms.

What should I do if someone has eaten all or part of a dandelion?

If a child has eaten a dandelion there is no need to do anything.

If the dandelions have been sprayed with pesticides, or if you are worried for any other reason, call the poison center at 1-800-222-1222, chat online or text POISON to 85511.

How can I take dandelions supplements safely?

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have diabetes or if you take blood thinners, lithium or a diuretic before taking a dietary supplement that contains dandelions.

How can I prevent plant poisonings?

  • Know what plants are in your home or yard and find out if they are poisonous.
    • You can take a piece of a plant to a local greenhouse, garden center, nursery or agricultural extension office to have it identified.
    • Once you know what plants you have, contact the poison center to find out if they are poisonous. Call 1-800-222-1222, chat online or text POISON to 85511.
  • Avoid having poisonous plants in your home if you have young children or pets, or keep the plants up high out of reach. Remove poisonous plants from your yard.

Last Updated: Wednesday July 6th 2016