Spike Education Program

What is the Spike Education Program?

The Spike Education Program is a child safety program recommended for preschool, kindergarten or first-grade classes. The NNEPC encourages schools to do the program in March for National Poison Prevention Week.

The program teaches children and adults safety tips for preventing poisonings using Spike’s Poison Prevention Adventure, a video starring Spike, the poison prevention porcupine puppet. Schools can participate in the program in two ways.

  • Order a Spike Education Kit ($21) from the NNEPC’s materials shop. The kit includes:
    • Spike’s Poison Prevention Adventure DVD
    • Plush Spike hand puppet for the classroom
    • Teacher’s guide with suggested activities
    • “Candy or Medicine?” poster
    • Poison center refrigerator magnets
    • Spike temporary tattoos
  • Watch the Spike video online and supplement it with the downloadable materials below. You can also order magnets and Spike temporary tattoos for students from our online shop.


    Spike’s Poison Prevention Adventure


Supplemental materials