What Is a Poison? Postcard in Multiple Languages

What Is a Poison? Postcard Front

Available in 18 languages, these postcards give a basic overview of poisoning: what types of things can be poisonous, how poisons can enter the body and how to call the poison center.

The download is a ZIP file containing two PDFs for each language: one for viewing on your screen or printing at home, and one with crop marks that can be sent to a professional printer.

The languages included are:

  • Acholi
  • Arabic
  • Burmese
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Farsi
  • French
  • Khmer
  • Kinyarwanda
  • Kirundi
  • Nepali
  • Nuer
  • Russian
  • Serbo-Croatian
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Vietnamese