Antidote management

If you are a health care provider, the Northern New England Poison Center is your local resource for antidote management. We can help with the medical management of patients who require a specific antidote or antivenom, and can also assist in finding antidotes or suggest other options if there is a shortage.


Like other pharmaceuticals, antidotes are occasionally subject to shortages. What makes these situations more difficult is that there are often few other options for patients for whom a specific antidote is indicated. Despite the Orphan Drug Act that provides some financial incentive for manufacturers, the relatively small population served by these drugs makes them less financially appealing to pharmaceutical companies. This can result in a less than robust response to a shortage.

The following article reviews the current drug shortage environment, offers policy recommendations to reduce shortages or diminish their impact.

Antidote Shortages in the USA: Impact and Response, Journal of Medical Toxicology (2015) 11:144-146
American College of Medical Toxicology and American Academy of Clinical Toxicology

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